Ship a Car from New Jersey to Illinois

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Transporting Your Car from New Jersey to Illinois

Travelling from New Jersey to Illinois by car can be tiresome, since the distance is of 1,368 km, meaning close to 15 hours of driving alone, without counting the stops along the way, the sleeping, the traffic jams and the potential accidents. Why deal with such problems when you can outsource the worries?

Why You Should Hire the Services of a New Jersey to Illinois Auto Transport Company?

If you leave the transportation of your car to professionals, you can forget about problems like:

  • Exhaustion: driving on such a long distance gets anyone tired, no matter how skilled or experienced, slowing down reflexes and lowering the ability to focus on the road.
  • Time loss: you will need to stop for fuel, food and rest, as well as to move your feet, and it will all add to the duration of the trip from New Jersey to Illinois.
  • Risk for accidents: the more time you spend on the road and the more tired you get, the less safe you are, not because you are a bad driver, but because your attention diminishes along the way.
  • Money loss: just think of the fuel required to cover such a distance, of what you would spend on food and motels.
  • The wearing off of your car: no matter if you have a brand new car, one not so old or a very old one, a trip like the one from New Jersey to Illinois will certainly take its toll on it; in an unfortunate situation, you might end up discovering that your car has more problems at the arrival then it had at departure, or, even worse, it gets broken on the road.

By entrusting your car to a specialized company, you have an insurance to cover for any damages, you know for sure who deals with your car, when is it picked up and delivered, from where is it collected and where it is to be handed over.

At American Auto Move, we treat every car as if it were our own, no matter how expensive or old it is, so you can rely on us to transport it safely on any route.

What Is the Auto Shipping Price from New Jersey to Illinois?

The costs of our services are calculated according to the particularities of every shipping job, so, in order to make you an offer, we will need a couple of details regarding your car, the place from where you want in accordance, after you provide us all the significant details about your car and we decide on a route.

We know for sure that our New Jersey to Illinois car shipping quote will meet your expectations, so we look forward to settle the details for our collaboration. We promise to make the trip from New Jersey to Illinois less challenging.