Ship a Car from New Jersey to Hawaii

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New Jersey to Hawaii Vehicle Shipping – High Standard Service and Exquisite Prices with American Auto Move

Being one of the most densely populated areas of the United States, New Jersey is an area with a very high volume of auto transport requests. If you live in any of the 6 regions of the state and you are planning to relocate to Hawaii, taking your car with you, American Auto Move is your best option. Hawaii being one of our most sought-after destinations, we make it a priority to provide outstanding services and great shipping rates for auto transport from New Jersey to Hawaii.

The Best Service for the Best Price

Being a nationwide auto transport company, we have an extended transport network with experienced drivers and a varied range of transport vehicles. This network allows us to practice the most convenient auto shipping rates in the country. And furthermore, our partnership with Matson Navigation makes it possible for us to get you a $200 discount for the overseas transport, thus providing high-quality, incredibly cheap vehicle shipping services from New Jersey to Hawaii.

Choosing the Carrier That Suits Your Needs

We know from experience that different cars require different treatment – that’s why you get to choose the car shipping carrier that is best for your vehicle with American Auto Move. Do you own an expensive luxury car or a very special and sensitive classic vehicle? Choose one of our enclosed carriers and your vehicle will be fully protected against the elements. Do you have a standard car? Go for our open carrier option and we will transport your car quickly and safely to the doorstep of your new home in Hawaii.

Fast Pick-Up with Our Express Service

New Jersey is one of the states where our express shipping service is available. This means that we can pick up your car within 24 hours, and you can have your car delivered from New Jersey to Hawaii in the shortest time possible.

Track Your Car All the Way to the Destination

Online tracking is now part of our standard service. You can simply log in with your booking number and follow your car online 24/7, completely free of charge.

Getting Started

With our simple online system, you can obtain your quote in a few minutes. Just fill out the Quick Quote form on our homepage and one of our experts will put together a personalized quote for you. We are at your disposal if you wish to talk to us over the phone as well: call us at (888) 201-2370, and we will help you find the best New Jersey to Hawaii vehicle shipping plan for you, for less!