Ship a Car from New Jersey to Florida

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The Best Way to Send Your Car from New Jersey to Florida

Are you planning a trip from New Jersey to Florida? Are you looking for ideas on how to ship your car? Well, at American Auto Move, they have thought of every detail of the experience, so that you can enjoy the trip and not worry about the traffic conditions.

Trust an Auto Transport Company from New Jersey to Florida!

You just have to look for a reliable New Jersey to Florida auto transport company in order to plan the perfect holiday. Our promise to you is that we will ship your car to the address indicated by you in a short period of time, in safety conditions. Because of our safe and reliable New Jersey to Florida auto shipping service, you won’t have to spend driving the entire distance of 1,200 mile distance. Get a plane ticket and think about having fun once you land in Florida!

Trust the American Auto Move Professional Staff!

By choosing a New Jersey to Florida car shipping company, you don’t have to worry about traffic, about the road conditions or about any possible unpleasant incidents. The trained personnel with years of experience from American Auto Move will ship your car from New Jersey to Florida, guarantying to deliver it on time and in perfect conditions. This means that you can enjoy a comfortable 2 hour flight instead of driving for 16 hours continuously. As easy as it might seem to cover the distance between the two states, you will never be able to handle the shipping with the professionalism of an experienced New Jersey to Florida car shipping company.

American Auto Move offers shipping insurance, which means that any incidents that may occur will be entirely covered by the company. However, as the clients underline, at American Auto Move such incidents never occur: your car will be safely shipped to destination!

The Best New Jersey to Florida Car Shipping Service You Could Hire!

You can book your auto transport from New Jersey to Florida anytime: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For safer shipping, you can ask for an enclosed auto transport carrier. As for the New Jersey to Florida car shipping costs, all you have to do is to ask for a free quote on their official site: According to the destination and to the size of your car, the system will calculate an estimated price.

For more information, a simple phone call at 1-866-327-7863 will be very helpful. Requests or questions can be sent via email as well.

Finding a good auto transport solution from New Jersey to Florida is not always easy, but knowing that you can let American Auto Move handle everything should make things much simpler!