Ship a Car from Maine to New Jersey

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Send Your Car from Maine to New Jersey and Do Not Drive a Minute

The road distance from Maine to New Jersey is about 516 miles, which means almost 9 hours of continuous driving. This requires quite a significant effort if you need to reach the destination in one day.

But driving your car all this way is not absolutely necessary. If you really need the car in both locations and you consider inconvenient to drive for nine hours, it is good to know that you can turn to a Maine to New Jersey auto transport company and let them do the hard work for you.

You will avoid wasting your energy in driving, as the trip could mean even two days spent on the road. Weather conditions, occasional road works, speed limitations or even minor problems with your car (such as a flat tire) may affect your initial plan and make the trip even more stressful.

Are You Interested in Finding Cheap Auto Transport from Maine to New Jersey?

Before starting your journey think again. Are you willing to drive for the next 2 days and spend more than 9 hours on the wheels to cover the distance from Maine to New Jersey just because you need your car at the destination? Are you going to fly there and rent a car in New Jersey?

No need to do that. You can have them both: a relaxing flight and the possibility to use your own car at destination. American Auto Move is the Maine to New Jersey vehicle shipping company that will take care of your car and transport it safely, timely and for an affordable price between the two locations.

If you visit our website at you can get a free quote for the transportation from Maine to New Jersey according to your needs. You have to specify the pick-up and delivery locations, the date of shipment, the type of your car and other specific details, and you will get a personalized offer based on your specifications.

You may also call us at (888) 201-2370 and one of our agents will be pleased to offer all the information you need. Our excellent customer service and the best prices on the market made our reputation as the best car shipping company in US. We guarantee that you will not regret having used our services from Maine to New Jersey.