Ship a Car from New Hampshire To Puerto Rico

Use American Auto Move Shipping Services When You Need Your Car Moved From New Hampshire To Puerto Rico

There are about 1,750 miles from Portsmouth, New Hampshire to Puerto Rico and, if you want your car shipped on the island, there is no other alternative but crossing the ocean waters. Fortunately, American Auto Move is one of the few car shipping companies that are capable of such a performance.

Thanks to our cooperation with Matson Navigation, we are able to provide car shipping services between any two ports of the world that are present in the portfolio of Matson Navigation. Your car will be safely transported from New Hampshire to Puerto Rico, and you will pay a reasonable amount of money for this service, because of our special arrangement with Matson.

Are There Any Rules To Be Followed For New Hampshire To Puerto Rico Auto Transport?

There are some rules for vehicles that can be shipped with Matson, and you have to stick with them. The most important rule that applies to New Hampshire to Puerto Rico transport states that only self-propelled vehicles are allowed. This includes automobiles, jeeps, vans, motorcycles, motor scooters, station wagons and pickups.

There are some things you cannot ship in your vehicle:

A flammable or hazardous substance like oil, wax, paint solvent, or polish;

Liquids that might be spilled and could leave stains;

Pressurized cans;

TVs, DVD players, VCRs, with the exception of those which are permanently or factory installed, at your expense.

If you fail to comply with the above mentioned rules, your car may remain in the departure port until the prohibited equipment is removed and sent out of the country. Of course, that will never happen to you now that you know the rules. Do not wait anymore and get a New Hampshire to Puerto Rico car shipping quote from us!

Contact Us To Find Out All The Details

Use our phone line 1-888-201-2370 or enter our website to see what you have to do to order car shipping with American Auto Move, the best New Hampshire to Puerto Rico car shipping company. Fill in your data in the form you can find on our website and wait for our representative to call you back. Our agent will call you and help you place your shipping order, and you will get the best quote for car shipping from New Hampshire to Puerto Rico on the market.