Ship a Car from Nevada to Texas

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Nevada to Texas Auto Transport – Quick, Cheap and Comfortable Solutions from American Auto Move

Driving from Nevada to Texas involves crossing four of the largest states in the US among difficult terrain conditions. If you need car relocation from the Silver State to the Lone Star State, you can either choose to set off on this long, difficult and expensive journey or you can save time, money and energy by hiring the best auto shipping company: American Auto Move.

What Makes American Auto Move the Best Partner for You

If you hire us to move your car from Nevada to Texas, the service that you get will be tailored to your special needs and the price you will pay is also very convenient. If you hire us, you can pick the carrier option that suits your vehicle best and our plans are varied in terms of shipping times as well.

Pick the Type of Service

If you need transport for some kind of special vehicle, we recommend you choose one of our enclosed carriers to provide the most comprehensive protection possible against weather conditions; if your vehicle is resistant to weather conditions or you are looking for a cheaper transport option, the best choice is a standard, open carrier.

Pick Shipping Times

Our standard services are among the fastest in the industry. We can load your vehicle on our carrier within 2-4 days from placing your order. If the vehicle is in one of the cities in Nevada and you need faster shipping, you can go for one of our expedited packages and get your car picked up by the next day.

Vehicle Tracking

We have made 24/7 vehicle tracking part of all our packages. We will give you a login and a password that you can use to sign into your account on our website. Here you can follow your vehicle online as it progresses towards the destination.

How Much is it to Move a Car from Nevada to Texas?

We offer, not only the best service, but also the best auto transport price. We work with a very large carrier network, which allows us to practice excellent flat rates. If you covered the 1,500 miles distance between Nevada and Texas, you would have to take care of travel arrangements, pay for food and fuel for the road and also arrange for your return trip. If you hire American Auto Move, you will save a lot of hassle and money by paying for only a one way trip for your car.

Get Started Right Away

If you are considering hiring us for your Nevada to Texas auto transport, you can find out the shipping details by phone at (888) 201-2370 or by requesting a free quotation online with our Quick Quote Form.