Ship a Car from Nevada to New York

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Let a Shipping Company to Transport Your Vehicle from Nevada to New York

Just because you own a classic car, of a high value, not only for you, but also for passionate car collectors, does not mean that, in order to get it from Nevada to New York, you have no other choice but to drive it yourself. On the contrary, it is the most dangerous alternative you have, and you should think twice before taking such a long drive.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring Professional Car Shipping Services from Nevada to New York?

There are many companies specialized in the transportation of vintage and antique vehicles, with decades of experience and impressive shipments in their portfolios. They have developed special lines of services to meet the demand in the automobile expo industry and to ensure safe and affordable transportation for rare and valuable vehicles.

For example, at American Auto Move, one of the best Nevada to New York auto transport companies, we ensure even single vehicle shipping services, for those who want trailers dedicated to their cars only, to make sure that their assets receive the special attention they needs along the 2,200 miles that represent the approximate distance from Nevada to New York.

If you choose to leave your car in our hands, you can keep track of your car’s position along the way from your computer or smartphone. We care about our clients’ peace of mind, which is why we settle all the details from the beginning and we ensure full transparency of our services, no matter the particularities of a contract or the value of a car.

What are the Car Shipping Costs from Nevada to New York?

Transporting your classic or vintage car from Nevada to New York is a procedure that should be planned in advance, in order to allow us to minimize the costs, but we offer express services as well.

In order to obtain a Nevada to New York vehicle shipping quote, you will have to fill in the form available on our website, with the addresses from where you want us to take over the car and to where you want us to deliver it, the brand and model of your car, any modifications to its engine, but also the estimated delivery period.

Our operators will put the pieces together, calculate the costs and send you all the necessary details by email. You will see that the distance from Nevada to New York is a lot easier to cover when you do not have to worry about the safety of your car.