Ship a Car from Nebraska To Oregon

Transport Your Car from Nebraska to Oregon Using the Services American Auto Move Provides

Everybody knows that, when it comes to getting a car from Nebraska to Oregon, it is much better to hire a shipping company than to drive the vehicle yourself, mainly because the risks and the expenses are considerably reduced.

At American Auto Move, we have the reputation of providing Nebraska to Oregon cheap auto transport, high quality being another attribute of our services. Enclosed and open carriers are the two types of vehicles we use for bringing your autos to destination, and we offer you all the necessary information so that you may choose the one that is better for your needs.

Open Transport

l Capacity – The carriers in this category are spacious, being designed to transport as much as 10 cars from Nebraska to Oregon or on any other distance. However, you can also opt for a so-called “flat bed” trailer that can accommodate only one vehicle.

l Safety – The vehicles are well secured, the chances of them being scratched, hit or damaged in any other way during the trip being few to none. The provided transport conditions make the open carrier the best option for shipping solidly built, average value cars.

l Price – Shipping the cars with an open trailer brings you a very low Nebraska to Oregon auto transport rate, thanks to the great number of vehicles that can be loaded and carried at the same time. Besides, regardless of how many cars you transport, this is the cheapest service of this kind.

Enclosed Transport

l Capacity – An enclosed carrier is much smaller than an open one, but, if you intend to ship no more than 3 vehicles from Nebraska to Oregon, it represents a good option.

l Safety - It is designed to offer the best conditions to the transported cars, from effectively protecting them against the action of the weather, to monitoring the climate inside the trailer. All these elements make a Nebraska to Oregon vehicle shipping carrier of this kind ideal for transporting autos with a great historic and/or financial value.

l Price – Because the level of comfort and safety an enclosed carrier provides is higher than that provided by any other car transport vehicle, shipping the autos with it costs considerably more.

If you are interested in shipping your car from Nebraska to Oregon with us, go to and find out more about the enclosed and open transport and also about all the other services we provide.