Ship a Car from Nebraska To Connecticut

Choosing the Right Ride for Your Car from Nebraska to Connecticut

If you have a vehicle that needs to be moved from Nebraska to Connecticut, you will probably want to hire a professional service to take care of it. One thing you will want to decide is whether you should go with an open carrier or an enclosed carrier. Using an enclosed carrier costs more than using an open one, so customers usually choose the open carrier unless there is a reason to use an enclosed one.

An enclosed carrier protects your vehicle from road grime, debris and weather conditions. Fewer cars can fit on an enclosed carrier than an open one, which is the reason for the higher transport price with the enclosed carrier option. So you will want to keep this in mind when you are budgeting for your Nebraska to Connecticut car shipping costs. This option is usually used for antique cars, luxury cars and special cases.

The trip from Nebraska to Connecticut is about 1,500 miles long and takes over 20 hours to drive, depending, of course, on where in Nebraska you start out and where in Connecticut you end up. The possibilities of something denting your vehicle are increased on such a long trip, and enclosed carrier shipping would give it some extra protection. The choice is yours.

On the other hand, since a longer transport will cost more than a short one, and it is such a long distance from Nebraska to Connecticut, cheap car shipping may be what you are looking for. In this case, you will probably want to choose the open carrier option. Whichever way your car travels from Nebraska to Connecticut, we, at American Auto Move, are ready to make it happen. We work hard to earn our customers’ trust and loyalty, and we believe that if you do the research, you will come to think of American Auto Move as the ‘Nebraska to Connecticut best car shipping company‘.

How to Contact Us?

To learn more about American Auto Move, or to order a pickup by either an open or an enclosed auto carrier, you can either click or call. You can find us online at, and our toll-free phone number is (888) 201-2370. Either way, you can get all your questions answered, get a quote, or just go ahead and get your car moved from Nebraska to Connecticut.