Ship a Car from Montana to Washington

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Options for Moving Your Car from Montana to Washington

If you need to move a car from Montana to Washington, you can either drive it yourself or have it shipped. If you have it shipped, make sure you pick a reliable company.

Research Car Shipping Companies from Montana to Washington

At American Auto Move, we work hard to be the best auto shipping company from Montana to Washington. But don’t take our word for it. Go online and find all our competitors, do the research and choose the company with the best reputation, the best service and the best price. In the vast majority of cases, that company is us.

Why Choose Auto Shipping Service from Montana to Washington?

Montana and Washington share a border, of course, but they are both big states, and chances are your car will have to be moved a considerable distance. For example, if you need to move the car from Billings to Seattle, that will be an 800-mile trip. If you were to drive the car there yourself, it would take you 14 hours of driving time alone. That is assuming the weather is perfect and there are no delays due to traffic or construction. And it does not include the stops you would need to make.

If you choose to let us ship your car for you, you will save money because the fees we charge are almost always less than the customer would have to pay for fuel, food and other expenses to drive the car. You will also save mileage and wear and tear on the car. And you and the car will be much safer. A car on a car carrier is much less vulnerable to accidents than a car that is down on the road. And of course you yourself will be out of harm’s way, too.

How Much Will Auto Shipping Cost?

While we cannot name a price here because there are too many variables that go into the calculations, we do make it easy for you to get a free auto shipping quote from Montana to Washington. Just call us or visit our website. We will ask a few questions about your car, your move and your preferences, and give you a personalized quote for vehicle shipping service from Montana to Washington.

If you have any questions about cheap vehicle shipping from Montana to Washington, visit or call 1-866-327-7863. We will be happy to help you get your car from Montana to Washington.