Ship a Car from Montana To Oregon

Open Transport Services for Safely Shipping Your Vehicles from Montana to Oregon

Transporting one car from Montana to Oregon by driving it yourself is an easy thing to do, although the risks and costs may be higher than when using the services of a company specialized in such operations. When it comes to moving several vehicles at a time, the situation becomes far more complicated.

We, American Auto Move, simplify this task by getting all your autos safely to destination using open carriers. The quality of the services we provide and the promptitude in meeting deadlines are two of the elements that make us one of the most reputable Montana to Oregon vehicle shipping companies.

Reasons to Use Open Trailers for Shipping Your Vehicles

l Tradition – This is the classic way of having several cars transported, not only from Montana to Oregon, but on any other long or short route. To give you an idea on what we mean, it should be enough to mention that, in the last five decades, almost all the autos manufactured in the US, regardless of their size, were shipped to the dealers premises using open trailers.

l Flexibility – Unlike a closed carrier that can accommodate a maximum of 3 vehicles, an open one has enough room for up to a dozen. This is another reason why we recommend it as the most convenient Montana to Oregon auto transport service in case you intend to ship more than 3 cars at the same time.

Main Advantages of Open Transport Services

l Protection – Even if some people define “open” as “exposed”, the cars shipped with a transporter in this category are well protected against weather manifestations and dust, so you do not have to worry about them being affected by anything during the 538 miles trip from Montana to Oregon. However, if, by any chance, your car arrives to destination damaged, the insurance policy we offer you covers the prejudice.

l Cost effectiveness – This refers mainly to the price of the service, significantly lower compared to the fees charged for other types of auto transport. Besides, the fact that the open carriers are designed to transport a greater number of autos than an enclosed one makes the Montana to Oregon vehicle shipping rate more convenient.

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