Ship a Car from Montana To Nebraska

The American Auto Move Open Trailers Are the Best Solution to Ship Your Car from Montana to Nebraska

In spite of other people’s opinions, driving your car from Montana to Nebraska, where you intend to spend your vacation, is not the most inspired decision you can make.

The fact that you cannot admire the landscape, because you have to be careful to the eventual bad road sections and the children playing or crying in the back and distracting your attention are just two of the things that can turn the beginning of your holiday from a pleasant experience into a real nightmare.

We, at American Auto Move, do not let this happen, offering you the possibility to send your car to the vacation destination with one of our open trailers, while you save time taking the plane. The fact that we use the latest models of carriers and the top quality of the services we provide brought us the reputation of being one of the best Montana to Nebraska auto transport companies.

Why Open Carrier Shipping?

l Flexible options – One of the reasons why this is the best way to send an auto from Montana to Nebraska is that there is enough room in the trailer for up to 10 cars to be carried at the same time. While this makes the open carrier the perfect solution when you have to ship several vehicles, you can also use the so-called “flat-bed” trailers to ship just one.

l A long tradition – For more than half a century, autos were transported from the manufacturers to the locations where they were sold with the help of this method. This fact alone speaks about the open trailer transport as being one of the most reliable, safest Montana to Nebraska vehicle shipping service.

What Are the Benefits of Using Open Trailers?

l Convenient costs – On one hand, the price we, at American Auto Move, charge for open carrier shipping is much lower than the amount you would pay for having your car transported with an enclosed carrier. On the other hand, if you intend to send several vehicles on the same route, the Montana to Nebraska car shipping rate becomes more than affordable.

l Effective protection - It refers to the fact that the autos you ship from Montana to Nebraska using this method are transported in the best conditions, without the weather factors affecting them in any way.

The advantages open car shipping from American Auto Move offers are even greater, so do not hesitate to contact us at to set all the details of your Montana to Nebraska shipping.