Ship a Car from Montana to California

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Your Best Choice for Open and Enclosed Car Transport from Montana to California

When hiring a car shipping company to take your vehicle from Montana to California, choosing the right transportation method can, at times, be a difficult task. While many companies offer cheap open auto transport options, the unpredictable weather and damage risks are factors that most people are wary of when thinking of having their cars safely brought to their destination.

Open Auto Transport

American Auto Move is one of the most reliable companies that provide low auto shipping price ranges when it comes to vehicle transportation from Montana to California.

With us, open transport is safe and convenient, as our professionals take all the security measures necessary to ensure that your car is completely protected the whole time. The experienced drivers at AAM understand the value of their cargo and are highly trained in avoiding any potential dangers along the road and making sure that all the cars they transport make it to the destination without a scratch.

Open transport is one of the least expensive and most common transportation methods that people generally look for, and when hiring us for the job, you can be sure that it will also be 100% secure.

Enclosed Shipping

The question on many client’s lips is: what is the price to ship a car from Montana to California using enclosed transportation? While the prices can be somewhat higher than in the case of open transport, given the fact that closed carriers only take 2-5 cars at a time in most instances, this method is the very best you can choose when you want to ship a valuable or vintage car.

At American Auto Move, the high end options available for enclosed shipping ensure that your car will safely be transported to the new destination regardless of obstacles such as rain, hail, wind or sand. Also, our prices are significantly lower than those of other auto transport services, and due to the large number of enclosed trucks and experienced drivers we have, the scheduling problems that may come up when you hire other companies will not be a problem here.

If you choose our Montana to California auto shipping services, you can be sure we will be completely dedicated to keeping your car safe from any type of damage regardless of the type of transportation you choose. Despite the high demand, the AAM staff is always on time and ready to be of service.