Ship a Car from Missouri to New York

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From Missouri to New York: Covering Long Distances without Driving Has Never Been Easier

The procedure of shipping a car from Missouri to New York can be complicated or, on the contrary, easy and successful, depending on the choices you make. To avoid too much trouble and high costs, it is important that you look carefully for the best options the auto transport market can offer, and that you pay close attention to the details when you reach an agreement with a shipping company.

You need to take into account all the elements, from the shipping distance to the particularities of the carrier, to the route and to the coverage of the insurance, because, although it may add a few bucks to the Missouri to New York car shipping costs, the insurance should not be left out, because it makes the difference between you recovering your loss in case of an accident or losing both the car and the money.

Why Use a Missouri to New York Car Shipping Company and Not Drive?

One reason is the long distance from Missouri to New York, measuring almost 1,000 miles, the equivalent of 12 to 15 hours of driving without a break, which we all know that is impossible.

Obviously, covering this distance involves exhaustion, expenses and a great deal of risks, because, even if you are an excellent driver, someone can run into you anytime, especially if you are not familiar with the roads.

You may get a fine for speeding, have your licensed revoked or your car may break down. Why risk any of that, when you can just hire a Missouri to New York vehicle shipping company?

What Is the Missouri to New York Auto Transport Rate?

At American Auto Move, we calculate the shipping costs based on the dimensions and weight of your car, but also on the exact distance between the departure and delivery points limiting the trip from Missouri to New York.

You can provide us with this information and with your contact details by filling in the form available at or by calling us at (888) 201-2370. We will put the pieces together and do our math in order to make sure that we make you a convenient offer. This way, we gain a new client and you gain the peace of mind that knowing your car safely shipped from Missouri to New York for a great price certainly offers.