Ship a Car from Missouri to Michigan

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Choose the Simplest Way of Transporting Your Car from Missouri to Michigan with American Auto Move

Transporting car you just bought from Missouri to Michigan can be accomplished in several ways. You can drive it yourself or you can ask a friend to do this for you. However, you must also consider the problems that can appear along the 546 miles long journey.

A method that poses fewer risks and presents more benefits is to use the services provided by American Auto Move. We are one of the most reputable Missouri to Michigan auto transport companies and we do everything in our power to simplify your life.

What Do We Offer?

  • Fast shipping – The breaks you have to take in order to refuel the car or eat are completely eliminated. Our drivers know what to do to avoid crowded traffic, detours and other incidents that could prolong the duration of the trip. Thanks to this, they arrive from Missouri to Michigan in less time than it takes you to cover the distance.
  • Safe delivery – Every car is loaded with great attention to the carrier and we take all the necessary measures to avoid unpleasant incidents throughout the journey. Also, your vehicle is carefully inspected before the loading process starts.
  • Quality – Each Missouri to Michigan auto shipping carrier incorporates features that allow our company to provide you superior quality services. Our employees are highly trained in their field, regardless if they drive the car transporters or they are in charge with loading the vehicles.

What Does It Take to Ship an Auto from Missouri to Michigan?

Although some people think that the services we provide cost a small fortune, things are not the way they imagine. In fact, you can save a considerable amount of money if you decide to load your car on one of our special carriers instead of driving it yourself.

If you choose the second, more difficult variant, you have to make some additional expenses with fuel, food and also to pay for a room where you can rest for a few hours. With us, all these expenses are eliminated by hiring specialized Missouri to Michigan cheap vehicle shipping.

The significant discounts we periodically offer are another reason for you to choose this convenient way of shipping your car. Go to, discover the special price offers for Missouri to Michigan and many other destinations and apply for one of them without losing more time.