Ship a Car from Missouri to Florida

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Missouri to Florida – A Short Distance to Cover When You Work with American Auto Move

Imagine the next situation: you live in Missouri, you need to be for several days in Florida for business and you need your car with you. You may love driving, but are you willing to drive all the way from Missouri to Florida back and forth? The distance between these two states is of almost 1,200 miles, and takes about 19 hours of continuous driving. This isn’t doesn’t even get into the cost — When you calculate the price of fuel, food, gas, lodging, and so on, you’re already in for hundreds of dollars!

Why Not Turn to a Missouri to Florida Vehicle Shipping Carrier?

Your problem can be easily solved. You can hire a cheap auto transport company like American Auto Move and let them take care of your car, while you relax in a cozy two-hour flight from Missouri to Florida. No more worries or stress regarding your car’s safety and no more boredom on the long road!

What Makes American Auto Move the Best Vehicle Shipping Company from Missouri to Florida

First of all, American Auto Move provides the most secure car shipping service from Missouri to Florida and not only, working with the most skilled and experienced drivers and with equipment or the best quality. Secondly, American Auto Move is one of the cheapest vehicle shipping companies out there, covering numerous other routes besides the one from Missouri to Florida.

How Can You Get in Touch with American Auto Move?

Getting your car shipped by American Auto Move is really easy! You just call the phone number 1-866-327-7863 or access their website,, and, in a matter of minutes, you find out how much they would charge you for transporting your car. You just need to fill in a form, answering some questions, like your full name, the make and model of your car, your e-mail address, the place from where you want your car to be lifted and the place where it should be delivered. In a few minutes after completing the form you will receive an e-mail with a detailed price quotation that will help you assess if American Auto Move is the best company to take care of your car on the road from Missouri to Florida.