Ship a Car from Missouri To Nebraska

Ship Your Antique or Classic Car from Missouri to Nebraska with the Enclosed Carrier of American Auto Move

Driving by yourself an expensive old car from Missouri to Nebraska, where the special event you want to participate in takes place, is a difficult and risky job.

On one hand, the vehicle can be accidentally damaged by driving it on road sections that are not in such a good condition, and, on the other hand, a 494 miles long trip can be very exhausting for you, especially if you are not used to staying behind the wheel for so long.

At American Auto Move, we simplify your task by offering you the possibility to have your car transported using a modern enclosed Missouri to Nebraska vehicle shipping carrier.

What Are the Main Features of an Enclosed Auto Transporter?

l Fixation system – Your high end car is anchored on the floor of the carrier with firm, yet soft ties, so you do not have to worry about it being scratched or suffering damage of any kind, on the way from Missouri to Nebraska.

l Vertical lifting system - Thanks to this feature, the process of loading the car into the carrier is quick and smooth, the vehicle having a proper, vertical position all the time.

l Effective control of the climate - Another reason why using our enclosed Missouri to Nebraska auto transport is the best method to ship high end cars is the fact that they incorporate a system designed to continuously monitor the temperature and humidity inside the transporter. This way, changes in the environment that can negatively influence the state of the vehicle are avoided.

What Are the Advantages of Transporting a Car from Missouri to Nebraska with an Enclosed Carrier?

l Online tracking – A video system is installed inside the trailer, and, by connecting to it, you can permanently know where the carrier is. Besides, by seeing images of your vehicle inside, you can rest assured knowing that it is safe.

l Effective protection – It is another great benefit that this type of Missouri to Nebraska car shipping service and we, at American Auto Move, offer. In the enclosed carrier, your classic car is not exposed to the action of the weather that can have a negative impact on its parts or upholstery.

Many other advantages come from using our enclosed carriers to have your antique vehicle transported from Missouri to Nebraska, and you can discover them all by visiting us at