Ship a Car from Mississippi to Michigan

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Enjoy the Advantages of Hiring American Auto Move to Ship Your Car from Mississippi to Michigan

At a first look, driving your brand new car all the way from Mississippi to Michigan seems like a relaxing, pleasant experience and the best method of moving the vehicle from one point to another. The thing is that, after an 852 miles long journey, the car does not keep the “shiny and new” appearance.

Hiring a company that provides auto shipping service from Mississippi to Michigan is a more effective way of solving your problem. At American Auto Move, we have built a reputation for offering services of the best quality.

How Long Does It Take for the Carrier to Arrive at Destination?

If you choose to drive the car by yourself from arrival to destination, you need about 19 hours to cover the whole distance. The rough portions of road and the eventual detours can make your trip from Mississippi to Michigan last even longer than you initially planned. Add the time you need for rest, eat and refuel, and you can spend more than a day on the road.

Our drivers are familiar with all the routes between the two mentioned states, so they know how to avoid bad road sectors, traffic jams and other problems that can cause delays. Considering this, the Mississippi to Michigan auto transport carrier always arrives at destination on time, covering the distance in even less time than you could.

How About Other Benefits?

Besides providing excellent shipping conditions for all the vehicles we handle, we also ensure their safety. Before they are loaded, the cars are attentively verified in order to observe the particularities of each of them. Besides, each vehicle is positioned with great care into the carrier and your car is safe from any incidents during the trip from Mississippi to Michigan.

However, if an unexpected event still happens, we are always ready to assume responsibility and to cover totally or at least partially the damages. The main reason for this is that we collaborate with the most reputable insurance companies.

What Is the Mississippi to Michigan Auto Shipping Price?

The quantum of the tariffs we charge depends on the time of the year when the shipment is made, on the distance between the departure and the arrival point and on many other factors. Besides the prices we regularly practice, we offer many special discounts.

Visit, find out everything you want to know about our Mississippi to Michigan shipping policy and contact us.