Ship a Car from Mississippi To Connecticut

Mississippi to Connecticut Vehicle Shipping

The drive from Mississippi to Connecticut is not easy. At an average distance of 1,245 miles, this is roughly at 18- or 19-hour trip. Unless you really love to drive, you would probably prefer to go with professional auto shipping to get your vehicle moved.

What Are the Average Auto Transport Company Prices?

The good news is that for most pickup and destination points in the United States - such as Mississippi to Connecticut – best auto transport company rates usually beat the cost of driving. We say ‘best auto transport company rates’ because depending on the options you choose, the rates can be fairly high. But most vehicles do not need the extra special handling of the expensive options, and the basic rate for a Mississippi to Connecticut transport will usually cost significantly less than what you would spend driving.

How Does a Professional Auto Transport Work?
When you contract a company such as American Auto Move to transport your vehicle, it is loaded onto a Mississippi to Connecticut auto transport carrier and shipped the same way new cars are carried to dealerships.

The reason we are able to save you so much money is that it takes a lot less fuel to power one tractor trailer truck than it does to power ten or twenty individual passenger cars. In addition to that, our drivers do not even need to pay for one motel room, never mind one motel room per car. As you can see, the savings add up quickly.

What Kind of Vehicle Would You Like to Ship from Mississippi to Connecticut?

Maybe the thing you need to move is not exactly a car. We ship not only cars, but trucks, SUV’s motorcycles, boats and other items. If your vehicle is not street legal or needs to be moved for repairs, that will not be a problem. Also, if you need to move a race car, an antique or a luxury car, that is not a problem, either. We have extensive experience handling delicate and specialty vehicles, and have special carriers and handling methods for them.

The Next Step for Your Auto Move

To find out more about Mississippi to Connecticut car shipping, you can just call us at (888) 201-2370 or visit us online at, and we will gladly answer any questions you may have about how to get your vehicle from Mississippi to Connecticut and not only.