Ship a Car from Minnesota to Wisconsin

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The Best Alternative for You to Get Your Car from Minnesota to Wisconsin

It is not about the distance when you have to drive from Minnesota to Wisconsin, but it is about wasting your time. Nowadays, time is maybe the most precious resource. Why waste it on the road just to get your car from one place to another, when a car shipping company from Minnesota to Wisconsin could do this for you.

Avoid getting stressed; avoid all the traffic jams or all kinds of unexpected problems. Even more important, avoid that your car be driven. Turn to our services and you will not be disappointed.

Who Are We and What Do We Do?

We are American Auto Move. When it comes to car shipping companies from Minnesota to Wisconsin or on any other route, we are the biggest company if it is to take into consideration the number of cars we ship every year.

We do not only ship cars from Minnesota to Wisconsin, but on any other route across the US. We are business partners with American Auto Transport, one of the most important car shipping contractors in the United States of America. Everything we do, we do it in the most professional way.

How Do We Ship Your Car from Minnesota to Wisconsin?

It does not matter on which route the car is shipped, the process is always the same. You choose the pick up place and you tell us the final destination for your car. The rest is taken care of by our professional representatives.

You car will be shipped on a vehicle shipping carrier from Minnesota to Wisconsin or on any other route that you need us to cover. We guarantee that your car will arrive safe and sound to the delivery point. Besides including insurance in our services, we have not had any accidents.

Where Can We Be Found?

The simplest way to find out more about us and our services and to get details on our discounts or special offers is to visit our website, There is a lot of information available for you on our web page. Also, you will be able to fill in an online form in order to start your shipping process. Also, if you want to contact us you can do it by phone at (866) 327-7863. No matter how you decide to get in touch with us, you will be one step closer to getting your car from Minnesota to Wisconsin worries free.