Ship a Car from Minnesota to Texas

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Get Your Car from Minnesota to Texas Easier and Cheaper Than Ever

Relocating a vehicle from Minnesota to Texas can be a very tiring and costly affair. Having to cover the approximately 1,200 miles that separate the two states can be difficult to organize, but if you choose a reputable and experienced auto shipping company like American Auto Move, you can be sure your vehicle will be in expert hands all the way from origin to destination.

Why Choose American Auto Move

Because shipping a vehicle with American Auto Move is easy and comfortable. Whatever type your vehicle is, whatever its condition, we will take the best care of it all the way from Minnesota to Texas. With us, you get to choose from many different carrier options:

  • Our open carriers offer great, low-cost solutions for standard vehicles.
  • Choosing one of our enclosed carriers is the best option if the vehicle to be transported is a high-end car or a valuable classic vehicle that needs enhanced protection.

With American Auto Move, you get not only the best auto shipping carrier, but also the best driver. We work with a huge, nationwide carrier pool and we guarantee that all our drivers are dedicated professionals.

With us, you get to choose the location of vehicle pick-up and delivery as well: we provide door-to-door and terminal shipping, too, so that you can hand over and receive your car wherever it is the most comfortable for you.

Fast Turnaround with All Our Services

Another reason why our services are so popular is speed. Our average turnaround time is 2-4 days, compared to most of our competitors that take 3-5 days to pick up your car. If you need fast shipping from one of the metropolitan areas of Minnesota, you can opt for our expedited services with 24-hour pick up.

How Much Does It Cost to Move a Vehicle from Minnesota to Texas?

Your transport costs will depend on the type of vehicle to be transported, the distance between origin and destination and the type of the transport that you choose, but one thing is sure: we provide the best service for the best price in the industry.

How to Place an Order

You can find out the exact transport costs and other details by filling out the Quick Quote form on the sidebar – all you have to do is give a few transport details and we will get back to you within a few minutes with our offer. If you prefer the phone, please contact us at (888) 201-2370, and one of our shipping experts will give you a personalized quote for your Minnesota to Texas car shipping.