Ship a Car from Minnesota To Oregon

American Auto Move Brings Your Car from Minnesota to Oregon Charging Affordable Fees

Regardless of how enthusiastic you are about the car you have just purchased, driving it yourself from Minnesota to Oregon is not such a good idea, mainly because of the high expenses such an operation usually involves.

No one can stay behind the wheel for almost 27 hours, the necessary time for the distance between the two cities to be covered, without eating or sleeping, so, besides paying for the fuel, you also have to spend money on food and for a motel room.

Choosing American Auto Move as the company in charge of bringing your vehicle to destination eliminates this inconvenient, as we are famous for providing cheap car shipping from Minnesota to Oregon.

What Are the Facilities We Offer?

At American Auto Move, we understand to reward our loyal customers, and we offer significant discounts for shipping vehicles from Minnesota to Oregon and on all the other routes we cover. Besides, bonus offers are also available for those who collaborate with us for the first time, and for the clients belonging to special categories, such as military or police force employees.

We also provide all the information you need in order to estimate the costs for the operation as accurately as possible. For instance, if you are interested in finding out the Minnesota to Oregon car shipping price, all you need is to make a simple calculation, multiplying the tariff of 32 cents we charge per mile with 1,270, representing the distance in miles between the two states.

Rate Comparison Tool – Find the Most Advantageous Price for Getting a Car from Minnesota to Oregon

We, at American Auto Move, know that comparing the fees charged by different auto transport companies can be, sometimes, a difficult task. The Rate Comparison Tool is an element specially designed to make it easier, offering you a great number of variants you can choose from. It also helps you eliminate from your list those companies charging prices that are much lower or higher than the standard cost per mile.

If you are interested in obtaining a Minnesota to Oregon car shipping quote for free, we can also help you with that. From the comfort of your room, in an instant, you can have all the information you need to decide on the auto transport provider you collaborate with.

By visiting, you can find out more about our shipping policy and why thousands of car owners trust us to ship their cars from Minnesota to Oregon and not only every year.