Ship a Car from Minnesota to Michigan

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American Auto Move – Quick, High Quality Car Shipping from Minnesota to Michigan

The 470 miles from Minnesota to Michigan are covered in about 8 hours if you are a patient and experienced driver. However, due to the traffic agglomerations, detours and other unexpected events that could interfere with your trip, this is not the best method of bringing your recently bought car from one state to another.

Using the Minnesota to Michigan vehicle shipping service provided by American Auto Move is a solution that presents more advantages and poses fewer risks.

What Is the Cost of the Trip?

Our company is known for charging extremely affordable fees for the services it provides. You get safety, promptitude and respect, and you also have the possibility to make considerable savings. If you decide to drive by yourself from Minnesota to Michigan, you have to spend extra money on food, drinks, highway fees and others.

Besides, your car can suddenly break down, leaving you helpless in the middle of nowhere. With the help of the services we offer, the amount you save can be of up to 200 dollars and sometimes even more.

Providing cheap vehicle shipping from Minnesota to Michigan and on many other routes is not the only thing that American Auto Move can do for you. Thanks to the free and detailed quotes you get from us and to our online comparison tool, choosing the best offer is much easier.

The discounts we offer to all our customers are another element that can convince you to use our services if you need to ship one or more cars from Minnesota to Michigan. All you have to do in order to benefit from the special price offers is to fill in and submit the short form provided on our site.

How Long Does the Shipping Take?

Any route has its own particularities, such as portions with large detours and road sections that are not in the best conditions. Weather manifestations are other factors that have a considerable influence on the duration of the journey.

In spite of all the potential obstacles, thanks to the experience of our employees in driving the auto transport carrier from Minnesota to Michigan, the deadlines are always met. This way, the period necessary for your car to arrive at destination is shorter than if you were to drive on your own.

Go to, find out more about how to ship your car from Minnesota to Michigan using our carriers and do not lose the opportunity to apply for the latest special, discounted price offer.