Ship a Car from Minnesota to Maryland

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If You Need Your Car Transported From Minnesota to Maryland, American Auto Move Can Help

The drive from Minnesota to Maryland lasts 19 hours and 30 minutes in normal traffic conditions and requires covering 1,280 miles. If you need to make this journey by car, it would be incredibly tiresome and quite expensive as well. You would have to drive on I-80 E, through the crowded streets of Chicago, Elgin or Saint Cloud in order to reach your destination.

If you choose to use our auto transport service from Minnesota to Maryland, your car will reach the destination of your choice without you ever having to drive it or it adding one extra mile to its mileage.

What Sort of Vehicles You Can Ship With Our Company?

Any type of vehicle can be shipped from Minnesota to Maryland on our professional carriers. Whether you own a family car, a motorbike, an SUV, a sports car, a luxury car or even a boat, they can all be shipped to the destination where you want them. You can opt for an open trailer, which is very safe, or for additional protection – for very expensive cars, you can take an enclosed trailer that comes with a climate control system and soft tie downs.

What Is the Auto Transport Price from Minnesota to Maryland?

Our agents will offer you a fair and competitive price that will be less than driving the car yourself and having to cover additional costs with: gas, car maintenance, food, drinks, hotel and toll booth taxes.

American Auto Move is the best vehicle shipping company from Minnesota to Maryland, because we put our customer’s needs first. We just need to know the model of your car, the carrier type you want and the distance between the pick-up point and the final destination. If you want an exact quote, contact us via phone on our toll free number: 888-201-2370 and give us your details.

Also you can visit our site and fill in a very short form with your contact details, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible, with the quote for your car shipment from Minnesota to Maryland.

More about American Auto Move

We annually ship over 10,000 vehicles all across the USA and we strive to fulfill all our customers’ expectations.

If you need to have your car shipped from Minnesota to Maryland you can rely on American Auto Move!