Ship a Car from Michigan To West Virginia

How to Get Your Expensive Car from Michigan to West Virginia with American Auto Move

The 516 miles from Michigan to West Virginia should not wear down any precious or expensive car. If you still need to get there, there are other options that allow you to protect your car from accidents, wear and tear, and even from bad weather. At American Auto Move, we offer exactly what your precious car needs enclosed auto transport.

This is a less popular type of transport, because it is more expensive compared to the standard open service. It is mostly preferred by those who value their car so much that they do not want to expose it to the risks that a long drive poses.

When to Use Enclosed Auto Transport?

If you choose enclosed auto transport from Michigan to West Virginia, your car will be loaded on a small enclosed trailer adapted for only 2 or 3 cars.

Thus, when you ask for a car shipping quote from Michigan to West Virginia, you keep in mind that the enclosed service is with 50% more expensive, because fewer cars are shipped at the same time and the trailer is foreseen with climate control, soft ties to the floor, offering the best conditions for your car.

This car shipping service from Michigan to West Virginia is recommended for those cars that need special protection against the road dangers and the natural elements, such as:

  • Classic vehicles;
  • Low profile or low clearance vehicles;
  • Antique vehicles;
  • Cars with exposed interiors;
  • Show cars;
  • High end vehicles;

We do not use a ramp or platform to get the car on the vehicle shipping carrier from Michigan to West Virginia, but ultra-stable lift gates. This is an additional measure to protect your car. For example – if your car has a low profile, using a ramp may be risky. Using lift gates, your car will remain in horizontal position and will be brought to the level of the carrier, so it will be as if it came off an elevator. This is actually the role of the lift gate to ensure that your car stays in a horizontal position throughout the entire loading and downloading process.

Before making a decision, you can ask for a price quote on both services and see which one suits your needs best. If you have any more questions about how to get your car from Michigan to West Virginia, you can call us or send us an email, and our agents will be happy to provide all the answers you need.