Ship a Car from Michigan to North Carolina

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Convenient and Cheap Auto Shipping from Michigan to North Carolina

Finding cheap auto shipping from Michigan to North Carolina is often the only way to avoid a tedious, expensive or even dangerous drive. While most companies offer attractive prices on their shipping services, only with American Auto Move will you be able to ensure both the right price and quality for your car’s transportation.

The Difficulty of Driving from Michigan to North Carolina

The greatest problem with driving your car between Michigan and North Carolina is the climate of the state of Michigan, which presents extreme temperatures – both in the summer and wintertime – as well as heavy snow fall in the winter, averaging about 40 inches of precipitation per year.

These alone should be considered as good reasons to avoid road trips in the area, especially with snow storms being widely unpredictable in most cases.

How Easy It Is to Ship Your Car to North Carolina?

The actual process of shipping your car with the help of American Auto Move is quite simple: you just have to contact our company either online or via email or phone for a quote, then get in touch with our representatives to determine all the details of the services you require and present your vehicle to the designated pick-up location on a date of your choosing.

You might also be thinking of asking what is the price to move a car from Michigan to North Carolina? Because of the relatively short distance and depending on the number of high end features you want for your car’s transportation, the prices might differ, but they will still be about $100-200 lower than what you might invest in a road trip.

American Auto Move’s Open Carrier Services – Speed and Reliability

One of the best of our auto shipping services is our open carrier transport service – an extremely popular solution chosen by most of our clients. Even though many would state that enclosed shipping is better, the fact is that, with the high end trailers we can provide, your vehicle will be just as safe in an open carrier as well.

Our experts are highly experienced in finding the appropriate open transport carrier for each and every one of our clients, and the drivers assigned to the task will always do their best to protect your cargo, get to the delivery location as quickly as possible and make sure that your car arrives to its destination in prime condition.

One last thing you need to know about American Auto Move is that we can also help you get inexpensive auto shipping from Michigan to North Carolina, so even if you’re on a low budget, you don’t need to worry about not being able to afford our services.