Ship a Car from Michigan to New York

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Building a Bridge from Michigan to New York with American Auto Move

Have you ever had to go by car from Michigan to New York? Assuming you did, you must have sat back and relaxed while someone else paid attention to the traffic, to the road, to the map and put up with the back pain, the sleepiness and the headaches that such a long drive represents.

If you are not familiar with long drives, you should definitely avoid experiencing them now and choose an auto transport carrier from Michigan to New York over spending a day behind the wheel and jeopardizing both your safety and that of your car.

What Does the Shipping from Michigan to New York Involve?

The procedure is simple. You contact an auto transport company, you tell them what car you want shipped, from where it should be picked up, to where it should be delivered, within which period and in what type of trailer and they let you know exactly how much they are going to charge you.

Of course, not all companies share their prices up front. Some do not provide insurance, others expect you to bring your car to their premises and others tell you the price when they reach destination and you are forced to pay it, so make sure that you choose a reliable Michigan to New York vehicle shipping company.

What Makes American Auto Move such an Excellent Choice?

The thousands of clients we have served can confirm that we take our work seriously, using only the best in resources in terms of equipment and employees. It does not matter is we have to ship a car on the 600 miles distance from Michigan to New York or across the border, if that car is rare and expensive or just a regular family car, we strive to deliver it safely and timely to destination.

Insurance is mandatory, because, although every Michigan to New York vehicle shipping carrier in our fleet has reached destination safely until now, we want to make sure that, even if an unfortunate accident occurs and you car gets damaged, you will be fully reimbursed. Our policy is “better safe than sorry”.

But it is time to leave stories aside and act, so contact us now, by accessing, and let us show you how we can get your car from Michigan to New York in excellent condition and no time, according to your wishes and budget.