Ship a Car from Michigan To Kentucky

Call American Auto Move for a Smooth Car Shipping Experience from Michigan to Kentucky

Because we know there is nothing pleasant in driving more than 8 and a half hours, as the distance from Michigan to Kentucky is more than 550 miles,we offer you our services.

We are not called one of the best auto shipping companies for no reason: we know and fulfill all the needs of our clients, even of the most pretentious ones.

Why Hire a Vehicle Shipping Company from Michigan to Kentucky?

The first thing you should take into account when thinking of driving on such a great distance as the one from Michigan to Kentucky, is that you have to consider all the costs this travel will incur. Do not think only about the gas money; you have to put on the list also food and drinks, all road fees, and a possible speed tickets or car breakdown.

Besides the obvious expenses, take into account your well-being: after some hours of driving, you will feel tired and you will not be able to concentrate on the road. Why worry about all these things now that we exist?

We have thought about everything. You will be able to choose the kind of shipping you want: direct auto transport, express auto transport, port to port auto shipping, terminal shipping or enclosed auto transport, and you will pay according to the desired service.

Another plus is that the prices are established depending on the distance and on the car specifications, so there are no standards: you will pay the lowest price possible from Michigan to Kentucky. You should also know that our price includes full insurance for your car, a big plus when it comes to safety.

Also, if you are military, you will get a significant discount, a sign of our gratitude for the service to our country. We have all sorts of discounts and offers bound to fulfill any need.

Why Choose American Auto Move?

Our reputation and low auto shipping rates from Michigan to Kentucky speak for us. We transport more than 10,000 cars a year, and this makes us one of the largest auto transport companies in America.

For a free quote, visit our site:, and you will get all the information you need. Also, fill in the quote form and we will send you a detailed price offer customized for your needs.

With American Auto Move, the road from Michigan to Kentucky has never been more pleasant!