Ship a Car from Massachusetts To West Virginia

How to Move a Military Vehicle from Massachusetts to West Virginia with American Auto Move

Moving across the country, from Massachusetts to West Virginia, is very complicated for an active duty service member. We know that, and because of this, here, at American Auto Move, we have found a way to make your transition easier. It is almost impossible to find really cheap vehicle shipping from Massachusetts to West Virginia, not to mention a safe and reliable one. Most of the companies on the market lack the resources and logistics for such projects.

They will either not be able to reach the military base to which you are being transferred or they will charge you a fortune for it. Even if you find an acceptable price, the shipping may take close to a month. Because we have connections all over the USA and because we have customers needing shipping to or nearby most military bases in the country, we can offer you the best deal on the market.

From Massachusetts to West Virginia, We Offer Quality, Safe and Efficient Services

The quality of our services was improved throughout the long years we have been on the market. We do not have unpleased customers, and you can see this for yourself on dedicated forums or browsing our reviews section.

Security is a must in all our transports, and all the vehicles we ship are insured in order to eliminate all risks. This insurance is included in the standard price, so it will not influence the car shipping cost from Massachusetts to West Virginia.

Before loading your car, we will inspect it carefully and write down any existing damager in the Bill of Landing. At the delivery point, you can check your car according to the Bill of Landing, and, if there is any additional damage, we will pay for the repairs.

No matter what type of shipping you choose, your car will be delivered on a vehicle shipping carrier from Massachusetts to West Virginia, not driven, so it will see no extra mileage or wear and tear.

Discount Price

American Auto Move has an ongoing special offer for active duty members. Besides the fact that we have the lowest price on the market for the 700 miles distance from Massachusetts to West Virginia, you will instantly get 50$ discount for being part of the military.

For more information on military auto shipping from Massachusetts to West Virginia, give us a call at (888) 201-2370 and don’t forget to ask about the discount!