Ship a Car from Massachusetts To Kentucky

Before Driving All Alone from Massachusetts to Kentucky, Find Out More about Our Offer

The very long drive from Massachusetts to Kentucky can be avoided if you chose to hire American Auto Move to do the drive and handle the details for you.

Can you imagine driving more than 900 miles all by yourself? Instead of driving for 15 hours, you can do so much more with your time: spend it with your family, go to work, or just take a little vacation.

American Auto Move, the best car shipping company from Massachusetts to Kentucky, is here to let you do other things than worry about the road and the safety of your car. Let us do the hard work; we are at your service.

Are We Reliable?

We provide top services, and our previous clients can confirm that. Our drivers have a lot of experience in driving carriers, and have never had an accident. We always check their records before hiring them, so you can fully trust them with your car.

We treat our clients with utmost respect, always struggling to meet your needs and be punctual and dependable. The price you pay for our services includes everything: gas, car insurance and road fees, so you do not have to worry that extra pricing will come in between. You will be charged for the trip from Massachusetts to Kentucky only.

Why Hire Us?

We offer very low car shipping costs from Massachusetts to Kentucky. We consider our prices to be inversely proportional with the quality of our services, so you will not find a better price to match our services.

At the set date and time, we will be at your house, inspect your car, write down everything on the Bill of Landing, and, after everything is right, safely load the car on the trailer. After we leave, you will be able to check the condition of your car, and the estimate time of its arriving at destination online.

At destination, your car will be checked by a professional insurer, to make sure it has not been scratched during the shipping from Massachusetts to Kentucky. We have thought about everything, and we are sure we can fulfill the needs of the most pretentious customers.

For more information and testimonials, check our site,, and discover for yourself the reliability of our services. Let professionals transport your car from Massachusetts to Kentucky and enjoy some free time!