Ship a Car from Massachusetts To Connecticut

Getting Your Car from Massachusetts to Connecticut

Even though the two states are next door to each other, there are several reasons you may prefer to get your car transported from Massachusetts to Connecticut instead of driving it.

Reasons for Choosing Massachusetts to Connecticut Auto Transport:

The vehicle you need to move may not be a street legal car. It may be a project car, a racecar or a boat, for example.

You may have no reason to actually go to Connecticut. Maybe only the vehicle needs to be in Connecticut. Hiring a transport service would save you a lot of time, and return bus fare as well.

Even though the two states share a border, you still could be look at a somewhat long-distance move. From Provincetown to Stamford, for example, is 260 miles and would require almost four and a half hours of driving.

Options for Transporting Your Vehicle from Massachusetts to Connecticut

Massachusetts to Connecticut auto transport companies generally offer a choice of two carrier types for transporting your vehicle:

Open carrier transport. You can think of this as the basic rate. Most cars, trucks and SUVs are transported using this method. The vehicle is loaded along with several others on an auto transport trailer such as automobile manufacturers use.

Enclosed carrier transport. This is more expensive, but well worth it for antique, luxury and specialty cars.

Another choice you will need to make is what type of service you want for your car’s trip from Massachusetts to Connecticut:

Door to door service. The company will pick up your vehicle from wherever it is and drop it off where it needs to be.

Terminal to terminal service. You bring the car to an auto yard for transport, and pick it up at another auto yard on the other end of the trip.

Port to port service. Your car travels by ship. You drop it off at the nearest port and pick it up from a port on the other end.

Express service. Your Massachusetts to Connecticut auto transport company picks up your car within 24 hours of your call, and delivers it as quickly as possible.

At American Auto Move, we offer all these services at prices nobody can beat. To get a customized quote for transporting your car, truck, SUV, bike, boat or other vehicle from Massachusetts to Connecticut, just visit or call (888) 201-2370.