Ship a Car from Maryland To West Virginia

7 Steps to Follow for Shipping Your Car from Maryland to West Virginia with American Auto Move

When you decide to get your car from Maryland to West Virginia, it is always best to do it with a vehicle shipping company. At American Auto Move, we recommend that certain steps be taken before the actual shipping of the car. This is to ensure that you make the best decision and you will be fully satisfied with the services you contract.

Of course, the car shipping price from Maryland to West Virginia will not be influenced by these steps.

  • Step 1 Make up your mind about the kind of service you want, because there are several choices available for shipping your car from Maryland to West Virginia:
    • Open car shipping;
    • Enclosed auto transport;
    • Direct auto transport;
    • Express auto transport;
  • Step 2 – Ask for a free quote for your specific needs, so that you know exactly what the vehicle shipping rate from Maryland to West Virginia is;
  • Step 3 Call the company and talk to one of our agents. He or she will tell you what papers you need in order to ship your car. They are also listed below, just in case:
    • Your VIN;
    • License plate number;
    • Leasing information;
    • Registration certificate.
  • Step 4 – Book the shipping. When you make the booking, you will agree on the date and time of pickup with our agent, to make sure our team will be there on time to load you car and fill in the necessary papers.
  • Step 5 The driver comes to the agreed address to take over your car.
  • Step 6 The car is checked thoroughly before the loading. Along with the driver, you will see that any existing damage be noted in the Bill of Landing. This paper acts as a support for the insurance claim in case any accident happens while delivering your car.
  • Step 7 The final step is seeing your car loaded and shipped from Maryland to West Virginia. It will be anchored safely and taken to destination with nothing for you to worry about.

Whatever type of service you choose standard or premium – American Auto Move is the best auto shipping company from Maryland to West Virginia, with a wide experience in the field and the utmost respect for the safety of your assets.

To get more information about shipping your car from Maryland to West Virginia, call us or email us anytime.