Ship a Car from Maryland To Puerto Rico

Working with American Auto Move – A Highly Convenient Method of Shipping Vehicles from Maryland to Puerto Rico

Do you need to ship two or more autos at the same time from Maryland to Puerto Rico, and you want them to arrive safely and rapidly at destination? Are you interested in collaborating with an auto shipping company that offers you several transport solutions and charges you reasonably for the provided services?

American Auto Move is the company that meets all your requirements, as we provide you with a wide range of services, from direct transport to express and port-to-port shipping. Besides, with us, you can also save money, as we offer you cheap Maryland to Puerto Rico auto transport.

What Steps Do You Have to Follow When You Contact Us?

The first thing you have to do if you are interested in sending your cars from Maryland to Puerto Rico with the carriers of American Auto Move is to call 1-888-201-307, one of our operators answering in just a few seconds. You have to provide some essential information to the agent speaking with you, such as your complete address, the pickup and the delivery dates.

It is very important that you specify what type of vehicles you intend to transport, so that we know what kind of Maryland to Puerto Rico vehicle shipping carrier suits your needs. When you offer the details about the autos, you also have to mention if they are modified in any way and if they are operable or not.

You do not have to worry about the costs of the Maryland to Puerto Rico shipping being billed on advance, because we debit the amount from your credit card only after the transporter arrives to the destination.

Are There Any Other Advantages of Working with American Auto Move?

One of the first things our agent does, when contacted, is to provide a free quote, allowing you to compare our offer with the fees the competition charges for the same service, helping you to get the best Maryland to Puerto Rico car shipping price.

We are reputed for the professional qualification of our drivers and for using modern haulers and trailers, this ensuring that your cars safely arrive at the destination. However, if, by any unfortunate circumstance, the vehicles are damaged during the trip, we cover all the expenses from the insurance.

Visit, find out more about the benefits of choosing us as your Maryland to Puerto Rico car transport provider, and join the impressive number of clients who are extremely satisfied with the quality of our services.