Ship a Car from Maryland To Connecticut

Shipping Your Car from Maryland to Connecticut Is Piece of Cake for American Auto Move

Driving your car from Maryland to Connecticut is uncomfortable, especially when it is not only your car that has to be driven there. This is why you have us, American Auto Move, a company that offers you cheap auto transport from Maryland to Connecticut. A short distance can be as tiring as a long one. You can sit back and do whatever you have to do, while we make sure that your car is safely delivered to destination.

With us, you have several car shipping options to suit your needs. For example, if money is a problem, we can give you a cheaper transport option from Maryland to Connecticut with the open carriers that we use to ship up to 15 cars at once.

Your vehicle will be loaded and taken to destination safely and on a budget. This service costs half of the price of other forms of car transport, but safety is guaranteed. We make sure that you pick it up in the same condition you handed it to us.

Why It Is Better to Ship Your Car?

The best thing about hiring a vehicle shipping carrier from Maryland to Connecticut is that you get to save money: it is cheaper to have your car shipped than to drive it there yourself. Moreover, long distance trips can make you tired and expose you to the risk of having a car accident. A drive from Maryland to Connecticut may not seem that long, but why assume such a risk when you have companies that can do this for you?

We have strict rules for our orders: one driver is not allowed to drive more than 8 hours in a row, and our trucks are constantly checked by the Department of Transportation.

More than 10,000 people per year ask for our help, and this is why you should choose us as your auto shipping carrier from Maryland to Connecticut.

We insure any damage that might happen occur to your car along the way, although that rarely happens. We include the insurance in the basic price as we do not want the unforeseen to ruin your plans in any way.

We are here to answer all your needs, no matter the kind of car you own or the type of transportation you need. For more information about your delivery from Maryland to Connecticut, you can check our site or call us at (888) 201-2370.