Ship a Car from Maine to Wisconsin

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The Best Way to Get Your Car from Maine to Wisconsin

When you have to drive for more than 1,400 miles in order to get from Maine to Wisconsin, you should be aware that this is quite an adventure. It does not matter what plans you have made or what your daily objectives are, during a 1,400 miles journey, there are many chances for your plans to be messed up. So, avoid starting an unnecessary adventure by hiring a professional car shipping company from Maine to Wisconsin.

What Are the Prices of Our Specialized Shipping Services?

We do not know about other companies, but, at American Auto Move, we can offer you a very affordable car shipping price from Maine to Wisconsin. In fact, if you choose to hire our services, you will realize that it will cost you less to hire us than to actually drive all the way from Maine to Wisconsin by yourself.

Take into consideration the gas, the food and the fact that you will have to spend some nights along the road in a motel. If you sum up all these costs, you will realize that hiring a car shipping service from Maine to Wisconsin is quite a deal for your budget. If you want to get an estimation of the costs of our services, you should know that there are two things we take into consideration. First, there is the exact distance between the pick up point and the destination. The second one is represented by the physical characteristics of your car. As it should be normal, a smaller car will cost less to be shipped than a bigger one.

About Our Experience

We are the biggest shipping company in the United States of America, shipping no less than 10,000 cars every year. Also, we are business partners with American Auto Transport. We can ship your car from any other place to any other destination within the U.S.A., not only from Maine to Wisconsin.

How to Hire Our Services?

If you want to start working with us or find out more about our offer, you can contact us at (888) 201-2370 and one of our representatives will be there to answer all your questions. Another way to contact us is visiting our website, Here, you will find everything you need about us and our services and you will see that we are your best chance to get your car shipped from Maine to Wisconsin fast and easy.