Ship a Car from Maine to Virginia

How Safe Is Your Vehicle While Being Delivered from Maine to Virginia?

The just about 750 miles from Maine to Virginia might not seem to be a problem for an expert car transport service, but even when you hire one of the best companies for the job of safely transporting your car to its destination, there might still be accidents or problems in store, a fact that can place considerable strain on you regarding the contract you signed and the insurance policy you have accepted.

Tips about Your Contract and Insurance Policy

Even though most people would be more interested in asking “how much does it cost to ship a vehicle from Maine to Virginia with your company”, while asking your transport company questions, there are many other issues you will likely need to cover aside from that – most importantly with regards to the contract and insurance coverage that the company will provide you with.

Cancellation fees are usually one of the main issues associated with a vehicle shipping company that isn’t able to deliver your car within at least a few days after the estimated delivery date. Expect to pay anything from $50 to $200 in case your contract doesn’t include the waiving of the cancellation fee in this situation.

Also, when it comes to the insurance policy that the vehicle shipping carrier will provide in order to cover damage or theft, you need to be very careful, since many companies will seek to avoid responsibility in these cases.

If you want your car to be properly insured on the road from Maine to Virginia, then you should always do the following:

  • Ask the company for a copy of their insurance coverage
  • Determine whether the carrier’s policy is primary or secondary compared to your own insurance
  • Inquire whether there is a “damage deductible” and verify all the details in writing

Offers from a Trusted Vehicle Shipping Company

Although for a reputable company, safety often translates to the avoidance of damage, American Auto Move will make sure that all safety related details are covered in your contract and your carrier’s insurance policy.

In case your car is damaged on its long journey to Virginia, the policy will cover all the costs, and the company will be open to talks if there are any additional problems such as a late delivery or a damaged car part that was working fine before the shipment.

Even if, because of the limited budget you have at your disposal, you aren’t able to choose the very best vehicle shipping carrier from Maine to Virginia, making sure that your car is properly insured can be a great asset when it comes to getting the peace of mind you’d need from the company.