Ship a Car from Maine to Texas

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Save Time and Money with Our Maine to Texas Car Shipping Service

In case you’re moving from Maine to Texas, you probably already know that this will bring many changes. The distance is quite long, Texas is a very different place, and, with all the things you will likely have to get done, getting your car from Maine to your new home should be the least of your concerns.

American Auto Move has dealt with thousands of customers who were in this exact same predicament, and we’ve managed to refine our services to provide them the best level of convenience. Call on us, and we will help you save a lot of time, money and energy by getting your car quickly and safely to your Texas destination.

Long Distance Driving – Is It Worth the Costs?

Now, the question you should be asking yourself is: how much does it cost to transport a car from Maine to Texas with an affordable shipping service and, in contrast, how much money would you have to waste on gas, pricy hotels and other expenses if you decide to take on a long road trip.

Auto shipping costs can’t even compare to how much you’ll have to take out of your pocket along the lengthy and difficult drive of over 2,000 miles. Unless you have an exceptionally well-built car, you will likely need to do a few small repairs or adjustments, or at least handle a flat tire or two. You might also find that many of the motels you encounter are quite expensive.

You also have to take into account that the average gas price in Maine is slightly higher than in Texas, as well as some other states. Even if you refuel along the way, however, the overall gas price alone will still be around $300-400 for the entire trip.

A Shipping Company That’s Up to the Challenge

No matter what the distance, driving conditions, weather or any other obstacles on the way from Maine to Texas, American Auto Move will be up to the task of providing you with the most professional car transport services money can buy.

Whether you choose terminal or door-to-door transport, we can get back to you in a few minutes with a personalized offer, and, after that, our qualified driver will be with you in a couple of days to inspect your car, load it into the truck, and fill you in on all the details you need to know.

Despite the long distance from Maine to Texas, our car shipping carrier will get your car from Maine to Texas in as little as 7 days!