Ship a Car from Maine To Oregon

How to Get Your Car from Maine to Oregon with the Least Trouble Possible?

Getting your vehicle all the way from Maine to Oregon is always an impressive endeavor. It literally means crossing the whole United States, from one corner to another. The actual driving distance is of around 3,240 miles (although, depending on the route and origin and destination points, it can be longer), and covering it takes 2 days and 3 hours.

That is only the driving time. But, who can drive for two days without any break? You need to find somewhere to sleep and to eat. Plus, you need lots of fuel. Are you ready to waste 3-4 days just to bring your car from Maine to Oregon? Would it not be better to find a cheap specialized company to deal with all that trouble?

Pros of Hiring Professionals Maine to Oregon Car Shipping Services

While a road journey from coast to coast is a daunting task for you, it poses no problem to experienced drivers. They are well-trained, have years of expertise in this field and abide to schedules stating the exact driving and break times, according to the US legislation.

Due to the fact that they use proper trailers, for both open and enclosed transports, your vehicle will get to its destination totally unharmed. Or, maybe, you prefer a port-to-port shipment? A good contractor also provides such services.

Besides, the costs are lower. This is the main advantage of shipping cars in bulk: much lower spending per vehicle. But what is the best car shipping company from Maine to Oregon? Who can safely transport your automobile over such a long distance? Naturally, American Auto Move!

Who Are We?

We are a professional and experienced shipping company operating on many routes across the United States, including that from Maine to Oregon. We only hire experienced and well-trained personnel and we use the best transportation means for any route. We offer a complete job: from picking up the car to delivering it at the address you specify.

We are easy to find and contact. Just go to, give us all the details of the job using the online form available, and we will get back to you with the most convenient Maine to Oregon auto transport rate.

You want your car as quickly as possible? Do not worry! By using our express transport service, the shipping time is literally cut in half. How is that possible? By simply employing teams of drivers! Just visit our website, fill in the form and you will get the best rate for a Maine to Oregon car shipment!