Ship a Car from Maine to New York

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Easy Steps to Have Your Car Shipped Safely from Maine to New York

Going from your old house in Maine to New York, in order to start a new life, involves many unexpected difficulties, one of the most encountered being the stress of having to take your car or cars along, on a road you are not familiar with, when your are exhausted and worried, unable to focus on anything.

Why Hire a Maine to New York Car Shipping Company?

While some families take their chances and decide to drive the entire distance of 450 miles on their own, others cannot do that because they have several cars or they simply lack the time.

No matter to which category you belong, you should consider hiring specialized vehicle shipping services from Maine to New York. This way, you save money, time, efforts, all these resources being better spent on other more profitable or beneficial activities, not to mention that your car reaches its destination faster and in better conditions than if you were to drive it from Maine to New York yourself, assuming that you work with a reliable transporter, of course.

What Are the Maine to New York Auto Transport Costs?

In order to establish how much the shipping services cost, any transporter will ask for details like:

  • The number of automobiles to be transported;
  • The brand, model and year of the automobile to be shipped from Maine to New York;
  • The time interval in which you want your car delivered;
  • The exact distance between the city of origin and the one where the delivery is to take place;
  • The type of shipping, meaning enclosed or open trailer, door to door or terminal to terminal.

Based on these details, any Maine to New York auto transport company should be able to give you a detailed price quote, so that you know exactly what to expect and how much it is going to cost you.

How to Make Sure That You Receive the Best Services

You need to hire the best auto transport company from Maine to New York and, without lacking modesty, we, at American Auto Move are the company you need. Just visit, read our shipping policy and fill in the quote on the first page and our experts will tell you prepare the price quote to reflect our expertise and commitment to quality and affordability.

Just give us a chance and you will see why no other companies match our expertise, not only on the route from Maine to New York, but also anywhere in the US and across the borders.