Ship a Car from Maine To New Jersey

Useful Tips for Planning Your Maine to New Jersey Vehicle Shipping Move

Before hiring a Maine to New Jersey vehicle shipping company, it can be a useful and practical precaution to plan ahead and determine exactly what type of service you need.

Even though the less than 500 miles that separate the two states could normally be covered in one or two days, you also have consider waiting until a carrier is available, selecting a viable shipping method and determining the exact price you have to pay for your shipping needs.

How to Plan Your Move

There are several steps you need to keep track of before hiring a vehicle shipping company from Maine to New Jersey:

  • First, you need to plan ahead and determine how much time you have for researching shipping companies and deciding on the best features before booking your order.
  • Get free vehicle shipping quotes from at least a few of the best companies in the industry.
  • Account for the price, and find out in advance if you have to pay for anything extra apart from what is noted on your vehicle transport quote.
  • Make a list of useful information about your car, and decide on the type of transportation method you should be looking for.

Selecting the Best Shipping Options

The shipping methods and options you will want for your move will differ based on the type of car you own, how fast you want it to be transported, how much youre willing to pay, and what extra safety options you will require.

If you just need standard shipping, an open carrier and either a terminal or door-to-door service should be best. Otherwise, you may also think about adding more expensive anti-theft options, getting an enclosed carrier or choosing a fast, emergency service.

Also, remember to ask yourself, “how much does it cost to transport a vehicle from Maine to New Jersey with vehicle shipping companies that provide you with your preferred shipping method?” Although the price is not likely to be too steep, depending on the special options you require and the difference between the companys fees and the industry average, you might end up paying more than you thought.

Hire a Versatile Service

At American Auto Move, we can provide you with literally every shipping option you can think of for all types of vehicles. Whether youre shipping a standard, small car or a large, heavy truck, we have a wide range of carriers to satisfy your need for both quality and affordability.

Just call our experts today, and aside from guiding you through the entire process, they will provide you with the very best vehicle shipping from Maine to New Jersey.