Ship a Car from Maine To Missouri

Maine to Missouri Car Shipping: Open or Enclosed Trailer?

It takes one day to travel all 1,520 miles from Maine to Missouri behind the wheel. One might say it is not such a long road trip, but what if you need your car there as soon as possible? What if you own a special car that you do not want subjected to bad weather conditions or unexpected events on the road? For these occasions, there is one simple solution: look for a vehicle shipping company from Maine to Missouri. It is always best to hire professionals when it comes to dealing with long distances, little time, special conditions or a tight budget.

Special Car, Special Shipping Conditions

Sometimes, clients need to move expensive, showroom or collection cars from Maine to Missouri. Driving is not really an option. Terminal or open trailer shipping should also be avoided both because of the lack of convenience and of fear of the unexpected.

For these clients, American Auto Move offers a special type of delivery enclosed shipping. If you want to know your fares in advance, just use the calculator on our website and get our Maine to Missouri auto shipping quote as soon as possible.

Enclosed shipping, although more expensive than other types of car shipping services, is our safest way to move a special car from Maine to Missouri. The car is loaded into a fully enclosed trailer, so it is protected against any weather condition that might affect the vehicle. It is also protected from the trailer, as it is tied down using soft ties and the climate is strictly controlled inside the trailer.

If you need more details about this kind of vehicle shipping just access our website or call one of our consultants at 1-888-201-2370 and book your special delivery.

Open Trailer Car Shipping

Open shipping is the most commonly used type of car shipping. Several cars are loaded in one open trailer and sent across the country. This type of vehicle shipping service from Maine to Missouri is quite inexpensive, flexible and safe. Open trailers have been used for more than 50 years to ship cars from one place to another. Most of the new cars that arrive at auto dealers come in open trailers, as well!

Whatever your requirements are, we can address them in a professional, efficient manner. Anytime you need your car shipped from Maine to Missouri be sure you can count on us to do it fast, safe and reliable.