Ship a Car from Maine To Minnesota

Use the Best Maine to Minnesota Auto Transport Service Use American Auto Move

Driving from Maine to Minnesota quickly and efficiently is a breathtakingly beautiful journey, but however enjoyable the 1,650-mile long road trip may be, it can become a burden if you need to cover all this distance just to drop a vehicle at the destination.

American Auto Move offers you a much more convenient solution for your auto transport needs: hire us and we will deliver your vehicle quickly and safety to the Minnesota.

Transport Solutions for Any Car

We work with a very wide network of drivers, so whatever your vehicle to be transported is, you can be sure we have the right solution for it. Motorcycles, SUVs, trucks, boats, standard vehicles and high-end cars you name it, we transport it from Maine to Minnesota quickly and efficiently.

Getting the Hauler that You Need

Vehicles differ not only in terms of size, but also in terms of the care they need. The best solutions for standard and more robust cars are open carriers, while sensitive vehicles enjoy the best protection in enclosed carriers. The carrier network we have can offer both, so you can choose what is best for you and for your vehicle.

Pick-up and Delivery Options for Your Best Comfort

With us, you can choose the type of transport as well. Door-to-door shipping is the solution used by most our clients because they prefer the comfort of handing over their cars at their doorstep, but we also offer terminal and port-to-port shipping plans.

We are also very fast: our standard pick-up times are around 2-4 days, and we offer 24-hour pick-up for larger settlements.

Vehicle Tracking 24/7

Are you concerned about what happens to your vehicle while it is with us? Dont be. All our plans include 24/7 online vehicle tracking, so you can be sure you will not lose track of your vehicle for a single minute while it is in our care.

How Much Does It Cost to Transport a Vehicle from Maine to Minnesota?

We transport several vehicles on one truck in the same direction and we only take them one way, so you can be sure that the vehicle shipping price we offer will be much lower than the costs of driving the vehicle all the way yourself. If you add to this the negotiating power we have due to our large driver network, you can be sure that the price we give you will be the best in the business.

Get Started Right Away

If you are interested, contact us right away by phone or via our website. Just tell us what you need, and we will put together the best Maine to Minnesota vehicle shipping quote for you.