Ship a Car from Maine To Michigan

Moving Your Car from Maine to Michigan: Terminal or Direct Shipping?

You may find yourself in need to send your vehicle from Maine to Michigan. What can you do? What type of services should you choose? Answering that is simple; you just have to make up a list of priorities and requirements, and then select the car shipping service from Maine to Michigan that suits your needs.

The driving distance from Maine to Michigan is almost 1,000 miles, making it quite a long road trip. This and the fact that such a long drive always comes with unexpected events should determine you to choose a professional vehicle shipping company from Maine to Michigan.

Two of the most commonly used ways to ship cars are terminal and direct shipping. We offer them both at American Auto Move, so you can decide which one to choose by reading more about each of them.

Terminal Shipping Cheap Auto Shipping from Maine to Michigan

Although not extremely convenient, terminal shipping is one of the cheapest ways to move your car. Basically, it means that cars are dropped off at and picked up from certain hubs. This means you have to drive to the terminal in order to hand over and pick up your car. The major advantage, besides the costs, is that you can choose fixed dates for both dropping off and picking up your car. If you know exactly when you need to have your car shipped and you don’t mind the short drive, terminal shipping from Maine to Michigan is for you!

Just keep in mind that special storage fares might apply if you do not pick up your vehicle within the specified time frame. For any other details contact one of our consultants today!

Direct Shipping

The other popular vehicle shipping service we provide is direct shipping. In a few words, direct shipping means that we pick up your car and deliver it to its destination from specific addresses that you choose. You do not have to drive to a terminal, you just sit back and wait for us. It will all be over in 20 minutes 10 for loading your car in the trailer and 10 more for the paperwork. It is that simple with American Auto Move!

In the end, you just have to decide what is more important the cheap shipping or the convenient pick up/delivery. Once you know that, give us a call and send your car on its way from Maine to Michigan with us.