Ship a Car from Maine To Massachusetts

Maine to Massachusetts Car Shipping Services What to Expect from American Auto Move

Even though the distance from Maine to Massachusetts is 226 miles and it takes only about 4 hours of driving, you might still want to consider shipping your vehicle with a professional company. Why? Because it is convenient, safe and trouble free. You get to enjoy your time without worrying about unexpected problems, without spending days carefully planning the road trip and without spending more money than expected.

Why Ship Your Car with Us?

First, we are a professional car shipping company. This means we do this for a living we transport clients cars in different ways, according to their preferences.

Second, we offer good auto shipping costs from Maine to Massachusetts and we have a lot of great deals on our website. You can always call one of our consultants or even try our price calculator on

Third, we provide a wide variety of vehicle shipping services from Maine to Massachusetts, trying to meet all kinds of requests from our customers.

If you compare transport prices, you will find we have good rates for the services we provide. Once convinced, just ask for a Maine to Massachusetts car shipping quote and give us all the necessary details. You can then sit back and relax; we do all the hard lifting and carrying! Your vehicle will be transported from Maine to Massachusetts in no time, according to the terms agreed.

American Auto Move also offers special deliveries such as enclosed car shipping, for special vehicles. These cars are transported in fully closed transport carriers, insured against bad weather or road difficulties. Rest assured, your car will be treated with utmost care.

If you are concerned about the costs the car shipping services imply for a trip from Maine to Massachusetts, we have different solutions for all pockets: you may choose our cheaper solutions for auto shipping, such as terminal car shipping (you have to drive your car to one of our terminals, from where we will then load it and ship it to the closest terminal to destination, remaining for you to pick it up at the agreed date).

Your car will be very safe with us, but browse our website for customer feedback if you need further reassurance. You will immediately call us at 1-888-201-2370 in order to book your Maine to Massachusetts car shipping service.