Ship a Car from Maine To Kentucky

Hire American Auto Move for the Safest Trip from Maine to Kentucky

Why not hire us for safely getting your car from Maine to Kentucky? Before deciding to cover 921 miles behind the wheel of your car, you should think about all the problems this drive will bring about: fatigue, sleepless nights, hotel bills, possible speeding tickets and road taxes.

America Auto Move, the best Main to Kentucky vehicle shipping company, is here for you. We will deliver your car safely to the destination point without letting you worry about anything.

What Do Our Services Include?

When thinking about the 19 hour drive from Maine to Kentucky, you worry about all sorts of things. At American Auto Move, we have thought about everything. We only hire professional drivers, who have no problem handling a long, troublesome trip. They will stop every 8 hours and get some rest, refresh themselves and prepare for the rest of the trip.

Our vehicle shipping price from Maine to Kentucky includes everything: road taxes, gas, and also the insurance of your car. Yes, we fully insure your car for the trip. Someone will check your car before the trip, and when it arrives at its destination. Everything will be written in the Bill of Landing by a professional insurer, and, after the trip from Maine to Kentucky ends, your car will be checked again.

Why Choose Us?

We know safety comes first. Besides all the security measurements we take for our clients to be fully satisfied, another plus in choosing us is our pricing. It is known that our auto transport price from Maine to Kentucky is more than affordable. The initial price includes everything, so you will not have to worry about any other fees or increases in the initial price.

With our drivers, who have traveled this road countless times, your car will be as safe as it can be. An extra to our offer is the possibility to track your car along the way, so you will know where it is and how much time the delivery will take at all times.

The testimonials on our website,, are the proof that we deserve to be called the best car shipping company from Maine to Kentucky and on any route in America.

If you want your car to be shipped from Maine to Kentucky in the best conditions on the market, but you also want to pay an affordable amount of money, give us a call!