Ship a Car from Maine To Illinois

Why Drive from Maine to Illinois When You Can Hire Us to Drive for You

Have you considered how much time it will take you to get from Maine to Illinois by car? It would be almost a one-day-drive. Not to mention that the shortest way would imply crossing borders and hiring boats to cross the water areas. All these features should make you think twice whether it is worth the trouble to drive all this way by yourself or not.

American Auto Move Can Save You the Trouble of Driving All the Way from Maine to Illinois

Indeed, there are many expectations from a trip this long and complex, but we, at American Auto Move, will do our best to meet them. Because your opinion means very much to us, we will pay great attention to all your needs and we will make sure that you are thoroughly informed regarding the auto transport costs from Maine to Illinois, as well as regarding the conditions in which your car will be transported.

The first step you should make is to visit our website and fill in the application form in which you provide us with all the requested information about your car and your suggestions regarding the route you would like the auto transport carrier from Maine to Illinois to follow.

How Will the Transportation from Maine to Illinois Take Place?

After you submit the application, your cars pickup will be scheduled, and that is when our drivers will come to pick it up. It is your decision if you want your car to get to destination yesterday or you have enough time to send it with our regular service. We will do our best to deliver it as soon as possible anyway.

On the day of the departure, your car will firstly have to go through a technical inspection which is going to show us whether we need to pay extra attention to it on the way or not. Then, we will load it onto a trailer, driven by a team of 2 professional drivers. They will make sure that nothing bad happens to your car during the transportation. After you see that we give our best to see our customers satisfied, you will realize that you have been working with the best auto transport company from Maine to Illinois.

For further information, you can access our website,, and get all the details for your Maine to Illinois transport.