Ship a Car from Maine to California

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It’s a Rough Drive from Maine to California – Let Professionals Handle It

When you hear about a road trip from Maine to California, you simply can’t help but sigh. After all, we are talking about a huge distance to travel – about 3,300 miles. Very few can look at that number and not feel tired already. So, what do you when you have to transport your car from the East Coast to the West Coast? You call American Auto Move of course!

The only thing more important to us than our reputation is our ability to get your car picked up faster and for less than any of our competitors could ever dream of! That’s why our customers return to us over and over again for the best auto transport in the nation. So if you’re looking for a quote, what are you waiting for? Call American Auto Move today at (888) 201-2370 for more information right now!

Why Turn to Us?

Sure, 3,000 miles is a long distance to travel, but it’s doable, right? But did you stop to think that using an auto shipping service from Maine to California might actually save you money than if driving the car on your own? Think about the expenses you have to make on food, gas and a room to sleep in, not to mention that you most probably don’t even know what the best route to take is to get there faster or with less hassle.

You can save not only a few hundred dollars, but also avoid spending 2-3 stressful and boring days behind the wheel. We are here to spare you from all the trouble. And due to our professional transport network, we can make better times on the road.

Express Auto Transport

These are the magic words you want to here when you need to get your car to California yesterday. With our Express service, your car will be picked up in 24 hours, and we will use a whole team of drivers to ensure that the truck carrying your car is almost always on the move – this allows us to considerably cut the regular shipping time.

What Is the Price to Ship a Car from Maine to California?

To calculate an accurate price, there are a lot of factors involved that need considering; so, please feel free to request your free auto shipping quote to find out the exact details. Our form is straightforward and easy to fill out, and once, that is done, you will promptly be informed about all the costs involved. It will not take longer than 10 minutes from the moment you start to fill out the form to the moment we get back to you with a personalized offer.

If you need a reliable Maine to California auto shipping company, contact American Auto Move now. You will be glad you did!