Ship a Car from Maine To California

How to Transfer Your Car Easily from Maine to California?

When you need to drive for 3,343 miles from Maine to California, this trip will require more than forty nine hours of sustained driving. As current driving regulations oblige every driver to pause after eight hours of continuous driving, far more hours would have to be spent in order to cover the same route. At the destination, several recovery hours will be needed by the driver, which will imply delays in the foreseen car transfer plans.

Therefore, contacting a reputed car shipping company for Maine to California route would help you obtain a better time management and respect the car shipping initially allocated budget.

How to Prepare Your Car for the Maine to California Auto Transport?

For a successful auto shipping service from Maine to California, you should check your vehicle’s condition properly, and a thorough inspection prior to shipping is also compulsory. The tires should be inflated to the recommended pressure for a safe loading or unloading, to avoid any damages to them.

The car alarm system should be disabled. Upon handing over the car, make sure the condition of it is checked and the transfer documents are signed, so that you can claim compensation in case the car gets damaged during the shipping.

You should empty or fill your gas tank to a quarter of its capacity before shipping. Personal items should not be left in the car during the transportation, as this will increase the load weight of the car. Important papers or documents should not be left in the car. Flammable substances, such as brakes liquid, is not allowed inside the car either, as any leakage may cause severe damages during the transportation process from Maine to California.

How to Find an Experienced Auto Transport Company?

All car transportation rules are strictly followed by experienced auto transport providers, and American Auto Move is glad to be one of them. Our company offers its regular and potential clients top rated car shipping services. For obtaining a vehicle shipping price from Maine to California, it is enough to fill in all the car transfer details on our website – www.americanautomove, and you will receive our answer within the shortest time.

You may easily contact us by phone at 1-888-201-2370, by email, or you can simply tweet us for additional information or for providing us your valuable feedback. We will offer you guidance and make sure that you receive the best auto shipping service from Maine to California.