Ship a Car from Louisiana to Washington

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If You Are Looking for Car Transport from Louisiana to Washington Try American Auto Move

Transporting a car more than 2,000 miles from Louisiana to Washington is a big job, and that is why there are professional companies like American Auto Move to help.

Driving almost 36 hours on Interstate 90 W and I-84 N from Louisiana to Washington and covering almost 2,500 miles in highway traffic can make the trip hectic and exhausting.

What Does Vehicle Shipping Service from Louisiana to Washington Involve?

Vehicle shipping service is a transport service for your car, truck, boat, RV, motorcycle or other type of vehicle. Vehicle shipping involves transporting the vehicle safely from its current location to wherever the customer needs it to be. It ensures that vehicles reach their destination in perfect shape without any wear and tear and that the car’s owner does not have to drive even one mile.

When the shipping distance is more than 2000 miles the importance of a car shipping service from Louisiana to Washington increases due to the risk of accidents, breakdowns, traffic jams, detours and even speeding tickets.

Is Cheap Vehicle Shipping from Louisiana to Washington Reliable?

American Auto Move has decades of experience in transporting cars, with approximately 10,000 cars shipped every year across the United States.

Our affordable price comes from our ability to load several cars onto a trailer and move them all at once. We take pride in our customer satisfaction. Our transport service is fully insured, so if anything does occur to your car during shipping from Louisiana to Washington, you will be compensated by our insurance company.

If you want cheap car shipping from Louisiana to Washington, but also care about reliability, experience and high customer ratings, choose American Auto Move.

Among auto shipping companies from Louisiana to Washington, we are the best company to transport your car. With thousands of satisfied customers and a respected history of car shipment, we are there to take on even the toughest jobs. Irrespective of distance, car model, weather conditions and unforeseen events, we will fulfil our task for our customers.

How to Get in Touch with Us

For more details or to get a free Louisiana to Washington car shipping quote, go to our website at or call us toll-free at 866-327-7863; American Auto Move is there to ship your car from Louisiana to Washington when you need it.