Ship a Car from Louisiana to New Jersey

Does It Seem Difficult to Transport the Car from Louisiana to New Jersey? Let Us Make It Easier!

It is not unusual to travel from Louisiana to New Jersey and to need your car in both locations. No matter if you travel for business or pleasure, to drive all the distance of about 1,340 miles can be quite exhausting and boring.

Especially if you travel for business purpose, reaching the destination after 2 or 3 days can be not profitable. There are also other difficulties that may affect your schedule, such as traffic jams, road works, weather conditions or even car troubles. In this real life situation, the theoretical 21 hours of driving could easily turn into more than 30 hours spent in your car.

Did You Consider a Louisiana to New Jersey Auto Shipping Company to Deliver Your Car to Destination?

What would you say about having a nice 2-3 hours direct flight to your destination and getting your car there? Does it sound more appealing? Sure it does!

We know, at American Auto Move, what it means to drive over such a long distance as from Louisiana to New Jersey, and we also know how much you like to drive your own car to destination. That is why we offer you specialized Louisiana to New Jersey vehicle shipping services, in absolute safe conditions, on time and for affordable fees.

We believe that understanding our customers’ needs is the key to a successful business. That is why many clients consider us as the best shipping company in US. Convince yourself about this and let us bring your car from Louisiana to New Jersey in better conditions than any other auto transport company could. You will not regret it!

Did You Book Your Flight Yet? Let Us Send Your Car Where You Need It

A short visit to our website, will help you to find out more details about us and get a free online quotation based on your particular data: location, type of car, date of shipping or other specific requirements. You may also call us at (888) 201-2370 and our agents will be happy to answer any questions you may have. So, book your flight and do not worry about the shipping of your car. We will bring it for you all the way from Louisiana to New Jersey, so that you can have it right on time, when you need it!